Sibling bludgeoned to death by older brother over vegetable dispute
Sibling bludgeoned to death by older brother over vegetable disputeLegacy

A shocking case of sibling rivalry unfolded today after an argument over littering in a vegetable garden had escalated to brutal levels in Bangkok, culminating with the older brother bludgeoning the younger brother to death with a table leg.

Earlier today, Police Captain Jirannathin Klinniran of the Samre Police Department received a report of physical assault with casualties inside an unregistered house in Khlong San District, Bangkok.

He rushed to the scene alongside Police Lieutenant Thanar Maliangam, Police Lieutenant Colonel Phichet Khanngern, Officers from the Evidence Inspection Division, Forensic Doctors from Siriraj Hospital, and volunteers from the Cooperative Foundation.

The incident transpired following an argument between 74 year old Wisut Chaipreedа and his younger brother, 73 year old Lek regarding the younger brother’s littering habit in the garden, which had resulted in the death of one of Wisut’s beloved vegetable plants.

At the scene, Wisut stood awaiting authorities, his body stained with blood. He had two knife wounds on his left arm but concealed his injuries from the authorities at first.

Police officers noticed a cloth on the floor with abnormal stains and decided to investigate further, discovering a blood-stained kitchen knife.

Nearby was a wooden table leg, measuring around 1 foot long, also stained with blood, which was believed to be the murder weapon. All items were collected as evidence.

During a further search around a property, the younger brother Lek was found lying submerged in a well, measuring approximately 1 metre deep.

Officers assisted in lifting him out but Lek had already succumbed to his injuries from the attack prior.

During interrogation, Wisut confessed to repeatedly hitting his younger brother’s face and head with the wooden table leg before dragging him into the water well.

The motive stemmed from resentment towards his brother, who had encroached on Wisut’s vegetable garden and refused to stop despite several arguments.

Wisut also revealed that during one of their disputes, his brother had brandished a knife at him, causing injury.

Preliminary charges of intentional homicide have been filed against Wisut, who has been remanded into police custody pending further investigation by the Samre police department authorities, reported Daily News.

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Author: Ryan Turner