Suntorn Thongmee, a fresh seafood vendor said that the impact of scorching weather on delicate seafood like shellfish and shrimp emphasizes the challenges faced in maintaining quality amidst rising temperatures.

PATTAYA, Thailand – As scorching temperatures persist, the availability of fresh seafood for tourists has taken a hit, with seafood operators grappling with the repercussions of the relentless heat. Fish, shrimp, and shellfish, typically supplied by seafood restaurants, have succumbed to the extreme weather conditions, leaving merchants and diners alike in a quandary.

On an exceptionally hot April 26, with the sun beating down overhead, a merchant lamented the demise of sea urchins due to the sweltering heat. Reporters ventured to the Lan Pho Naklua Seafood Market, where both Thai and foreign tourists continued to flock, eager to purchase seafood for their evening meals, keeping the market bustling despite the challenging circumstances.

Sea urchins are particularly susceptible to the heat during transport from the sea. Despite thriving in their natural habitat, prolonged exposure to hot weather during transportation can prove fatal for these delicate creatures.

Suntorn Thongmee, a fresh seafood vendor, shed light on the situation, acknowledging that while some seafood remains resilient, there are undeniable repercussions. Bringing shellfish, shrimp, and fresh squid to the market during hot weather often spells doom for these delicate creatures. Sea urchins, a favourite among tourists, are particularly vulnerable. While these creatures thrive in the sea, exposure to hot weather during transport can prove fatal.

Suntorn emphasized the importance of changing the water frequently to prevent it from becoming too warm, as this could spell disaster for the freshly caught seafood. The delicate balance between supply and demand in the seafood industry now hangs in the balance, with operators scrambling to adapt to the challenges posed by the scorching weather.

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Author: Pattaya Mail