Retired Thai police officer survives attack by American bully
Retired Thai police officer survives attack by American bullyLegacy

A retired Thai police officer narrowly escaped death when an American man allegedly assaulted him by choking him at a local village grocery store yesterday.

The incident was reported to the police, who are investigating the matter and ensuring justice for both parties involved.

The peaceful routine of a village grocery store was shattered when a 59 year old retired Thai police officer became the victim of a sudden and violent attack. The retired officer, Arthaphon Premjit, was reportedly assaulted by an American expatriate in an unprovoked altercation that left the officer gasping for air, his arms limp, and his eyes rolling back in his head. Details are emerging as law enforcement and local witnesses come forward to piece together the events that transpired.

Arthaphon recounted the day’s events, describing how he was enjoying snacks at the village store, with his back turned to the wall when the American approached. The assailant, known to the police officer only as a customer of the store and not on personal terms, suddenly grabbed his throat and squeezed tightly. The force and surprise of the attack left Arthaphon powerless to defend himself, especially given the considerable size of the American, who weighed over 100 kilogrammes.

According to Arthaphon, the American’s aggressive behaviour was not an isolated incident. Before this attack, villagers had experienced the man’s erratic behaviour in the past. They recounted one instance where the American forcefully pushed away food offered by a resident. His disruptive presence had led to complaints that resulted in his eviction from his previous residence in the village.

The retired police officer, determined to see justice served, refused attempts at mediation by the American’s legal representatives, insisting on pressing charges to the fullest extent. The former officer also mentioned a man named Boy, a construction company manager who witnessed the assault and was himself pushed by the assailant when he attempted to intervene.


The owner of the grocery store, 64 year old Tuangporn, provided an additional testimony. She detailed how the American’s visit on March 6, at approximately 7.30pm, quickly escalated from a routine shopping trip into a violent encounter. Tuangporn initially mistook the altercation for horseplay but soon realised the gravity of the situation when she saw the officer being pushed against the wall.

In her attempt to save Arthaphon, Tuangporn intervened, pulling the assailant’s hand away and pushing him out of the store. Despite her efforts, the American’s hostile behaviour continued, culminating in him pushing Boy and threatening to run him over with his car.

The American’s past in the village is marked by conflict and intimidation, including an incident where he trespassed onto a neighbour’s property. Despite being legally compelled to leave the village, the man continued to return, displaying a confrontational attitude that left many residents feeling uneasy, reported KhaoSod.

The local police officer in charge of the investigation, Piphop Paenghom, has taken statements from Arthaphon and is arranging to interview other witnesses to ensure a fair and thorough examination of the events. Investigations are ongoing.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood