Remorseful thief returns stolen motorcycle with apology note
Chit Min Pai beams with joy as he is reunited with his stolen motorcycle, expressing gratitude to the Banglamung Police for their swift action. (Inset) The handwritten note of apology from the remorseful thief, expressing sincere regret and pleading for forgiveness.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The relentless efforts of the Special Operations Division of Banglamung Police Station in Pattaya, Thailand, resulted in the recovery of a stolen motorcycle and an unexpected gesture of remorse from the perpetrator on March 1.

During routine patrols near the Life In The Garden Resort, along the Rong Poh-Motorway in east Pattaya, officers stumbled upon a suspicious motorcycle concealed in the jungle area. The red-black Honda Wave motorcycle, devoid of a license plate, raised suspicions and prompted a thorough investigation.

Upon closer inspection, authorities confirmed that the motorcycle had been reported stolen on February 24 from the vicinity of a rented room in the same area. Inside the vehicle’s storage compartment, they discovered a handwritten note, penned by the thief with a marker. The note expressed sincere remorse and offered a heartfelt apology to the owner, identified as Chit Min Pai, a 30-year-old Myanmar national.

The note read: “I apologize to the owner of this motorbike. I did not mean to steal the bike except I wanted the money for my child who is sick. Please forgive me. I have repented. I’m sorry.”

Sub-Lt. Thongthawat Phonlakorn said that the theft was facilitated by the forgetfulness of a friend who borrowed the motorcycle. The friend inadvertently left the key in the ignition, providing an opportunity for the thief to seize the moment. Surveillance footage captured the thief, dressed in a hooded cloak, face mask, long pants, and flip-flops, swiftly fleeing the scene at 4:10 a.m. on February 24.

Despite the thief’s plea for forgiveness, law enforcement authorities are vigorously pursuing justice. Efforts to track down the culprit are on-going, with the police commending the swift action taken in recovering the stolen motorcycle. Although the thief remains at large, his identity is known, and authorities are determined to bring him to justice.

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Author: Pattaya Mail