Release of sensitive CCTV footage of Netiporn delayed
Release of sensitive CCTV footage of Netiporn delayedLegacy

The Department of Corrections has clarified its position regarding a lawyer’s request for CCTV footage taken while medical personnel were treating Netiporn Sanesangkhom, also known as Bung Taluwang, who later died during her hunder strike.

The department stated that they could not yet provide the footage from the correctional hospital as it must be reviewed to ensure legal accuracy and fairness to all involved.

Lawyers Krisadang Nutcharas and Weerada Kongthanakulroj, representing Netiporn, had requested access to the CCTV footage. The Department of Corrections explained that the correctional hospital informed the lawyers that the footage could not be released yet, citing the need for a thorough review to protect the legal rights and privacy of the individuals recorded, including inmates and medical staff.

The department highlighted that releasing such footage could violate personal rights, especially since the footage contains sensitive images of a deceased individual during their medical treatment before passing away.

The department stressed that if this footage were made public, it could become part of a digital footprint, potentially remaining accessible on the Internet indefinitely, posing risks to the deceased’s family and the department’s reputation regarding inmate care.

The department has decided to consult with the deceased’s parents before considering the release of the footage. This consultation aims to ensure that the family’s wishes are respected and that any decision to release the footage is made collaboratively.

The Department of Corrections emphasised that any decision to release CCTV footage must comply with the Official Information Act of 1997 and the National Health Act of 2007. These regulations mandate that personal and medical information under the department’s care must be handled with strict confidentiality.

Additionally, individuals requesting such information retain the right to appeal to the Information Disclosure Committee within 15 days of receiving the department’s decision. The department also advised updates with official medical reports and autopsy results from Thammasat University Hospital to ensure accurate information, reported KhaoSod.

“The release of this footage involves sensitive personal rights and could lead to potential harm if mishandled.”

They reiterated their commitment to following legal protocols to protect the rights of all individuals involved.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood