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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin embarked on a field trip to the provinces of Saraburi and Lopburi, a visit eagerly anticipated by lottery enthusiasts for the potential lucky numbers found in the prime minister’s car registration plate.

Accompanied by officials, the 61 year old prime minister’s visit began in Saraburi province at an agricultural productivity learning centre, where he reviewed and followed up on irrigation issues. The centre, situated in Saraburi, drew a large crowd of locals who gathered to greet PM Srettha and his entourage.

The visit continued in Lopburi province, where the Bangkok-born Srettha monitored the progress of a dyke construction project along the Lam Sonthi Canal and listened to the community’s concerns at Singharam Temple, located in Bua Chum, Chai Badan district, Lopburi.

What caught the public’s attention, particularly among those who are keen on the lottery, was the license plate number of the black LEXUS van used by PM Settha during this trip. A clear compilation of the numbers has been provided, which lottery aficionados quickly seized upon to predict winning numbers for the upcoming lottery drawing on February 16, reported Sanook.

The license plate of the vehicle used by the prime minister, registered in Bangkok, bore the number 3 ขส 30. This sparked excitement among lottery players, who used their experience to derive the following potential lucky numbers:

Two-digit numbers: 30 – 03 – 33
Three-digit numbers: 303 – 330 – 033 – 333

In related news, lottery fever grips Thailand as hopefuls seek to divine the winning numbers for the February 16 draw, with numerous tales of lucky symbols and mystical predictions capturing the public’s imagination. As the draw nears, enthusiasts have collated an eclectic mix of numbers believed to bring fortune, ranging from revered monks’ predictions to serendipitous incidents.

Prominent among these is the revered monk Suriyant Kosapanyo, the Abbot of Wat Phutthawanaram, known as Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen in Mahasarakham Province. He recently distributed 2 million baht (US$55,333) to charity, a gesture that has sparked widespread interest in the numbers associated with this act of generosity. Devotees seized on the number 45, the monk’s auspicious age, as a potential harbinger of luck.

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Author: Samantha Rose