Police “cord” red-handed: Cable theft gang busted in Thonburi
Police “cord” red-handed: Cable theft gang busted in ThonburiLegacy

Police apprehended a cable theft gang in Bangkok’s Thonburi district while they were in the middle of committing the crime. The suspects admitted to multiple previous thefts and have criminal records involving drug use and cable theft.

Police Colonel Chatkitt Padungchanthanai and Police Lieutenant Colonel Chatakit Phadungchanthanai, along with their team, arrested 32 year old, Sakda, and 22 year old, Sarun, in the Charoen Nakhon 70 alley of Thonburi, Bangkok. This operation took place yesterday following a report of ongoing cable theft.

Upon arrival, authorities found several men actively cutting large cables with bolt cutters and loading them onto the back of a pickup truck. Another group was seen using a backhoe from a six-wheeler truck to pull cables from underground. Realising they were spotted, the suspects attempted to flee, but police managed to apprehend two of them.

During interrogation, the suspects confessed that their gang leader, known as Oh, had convinced them to carry out the theft. They revealed that they had stolen cables multiple times before, selling them for money, which was then divided among the gang members. Background checks revealed that Sakda had previously been charged with cable theft in the Bang Khun Thian area, while Sarun had a past arrest for drug use.

The suspects admitted to having committed these thefts several times and stated a police officer was involved in the arrest.

“They would cut and sell the cables, splitting the proceeds among themselves.

Initially, the police charged the suspects with “joint theft during nighttime,” and they will be prosecuted according to the law. This incident highlights the ongoing issue of cable theft in Bangkok, which disrupts essential services and incurs significant financial losses. The police have intensified their efforts to clamp down on such activities, aiming to deter future incidents and safeguard public property.

Suspicious activities

The Thai police encourage the public to report any suspicious activities, emphasising that community vigilance is crucial in preventing such crimes. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of cooperation between the police and citizens in maintaining safety and order in the community.

We urge everyone to remain vigilant and report any unusual activities in their neighbourhoods, said the police spokesperson. Community involvement is essential in helping us combat and prevent crimes like these.

The apprehension of the suspects is seen as a step forward in tackling the persistent problem of cable theft in the city. The police continue to investigate the gang’s operations and seek to apprehend other members involved in these criminal activities. The police remain committed to ensuring that such offences are met with swift and decisive action.

This incident also raises awareness about the broader implications of cable theft, including disruptions to telecommunications and power supplies, which can have far-reaching impacts on daily life and business operations. The police are working closely with utility companies to enhance security measures and protect infrastructure from future thefts, said a spokesperson.

“We are determined to bring all those involved to justice, Our goal is to protect public property and ensure the safety and security of our communities.”

The case remains under investigation as police gather more details about the gang’s network and the extent of their activities. Further arrests are anticipated as the authorities continue their crackdown on cable theft rings in Bangkok, reported Khaosod.

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Author: Sarishti Arora