Pilgrimage bus crash near Khao Kitchakut claims a life, injures 9
Pilgrimage bus crash near Khao Kitchakut claims a life, injures 9Legacy

A pilgrimage bus met a tragic fate today as it descended from the Khao Kitchakut mountain in Chanthaburi province, Thailand, veering off course and overturning. The calamitous incident claimed the life of one individual and left nine others with injuries, including three foreigners.

The accident occurred close to a toll station when the bus, filled with worshippers returning from a sacred site, lost control on a curve and capsized. Following the crash, emergency responders rapidly intervened, evacuating the wounded from the steep terrain and dispersing them to various medical facilities, including Phra Pokklao Hospital and Khitchakut Hospital, reported KhaoSod.

During this period, Khao Kitchakut opens its doors to the public for religious activities. The mountain, renowned for its religious significance, has been welcoming devotees since early February, offering a spiritual retreat and a chance to pay homage at the sacred site. The devotees aboard the ill-fated bus had just completed their pilgrimage and were on their way back when they met with the unfortunate event.

In related news, on February 23, tragedy struck in Bo Phloi district, Kanchanaburi, as a tour bus veered off course, injuring numerous Malaysian tourists and locals. The accident occurred between kilometre markers 14 and 15 on the Bo Phloi-Lat Ya Road, triggering a rapid response from authorities. All 39 passengers aboard, predominantly Malaysian nationals, suffered injuries, with several in critical condition.

Over 20 ambulances rushed to the scene, swiftly transporting the wounded to Bo Phloi Hospital for urgent medical attention. The bus, displaying Bangkok licence plates, bore significant damage, including shredded rear tyres and a shattered windscreen.

The driver, Sarayu Daengdam, attributed the accident to a steering malfunction while attempting to overtake a truck. This tragic incident underscores the inherent risks associated with tourist travel. Similarly, on January 16, a bus carrying Chinese tourists crashed in Tha Chatchai, Phuket, further highlighting the importance of stringent safety measures within Thailand’s tourism industry.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood