Phuket’s Kamala Beach faces murky waters as main canal turns blackLegacy

Kamala Beach in Phuket found itself in a murky situation, the main canal has turned black and is producing an unpleasant smell.

Visitors to the beach, some international tourists, watched in dismay as the polluted water flowed freely into the sea. The sight of the blackened water has led to numerous headshakes and raised eyebrows. A particularly concerned tourist even questioned why local authorities hadn’t taken any action against this glaring issue.

Local business owners echo the same sentiment.

“This isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s been a constant issue, but so far, no agency has stepped up with a sustainable solution.”

The beachside business operator went on to mention the annual ritual of officials inspecting the water quality after receiving complaints, only to then vanish as if the problem had magically dissolved.

The operator expressed considerable concern over the negative impact this issue has on Kamala Beach’s reputation. This beach is renowned in Phuket and attracts a significant number of visitors. The sight and smell of the polluted canal are not only a nuisance to tourists but also tarnish the image of this renowned beach.

Interestingly, despite the harsh reality of the polluted water, many foreign tourists were seen enjoying their time in the water. However, a significant number did their best to steer clear of the black water seeping into the sea, reported Phuket News.

As for the Kamala Tambon Administrative Organisation, they have not officially acknowledged the presence of the black water in the canal this year. However, last Thursday, February 15, Kamala Mayor Jutha Dumlak spearheaded an event alongside a local hotel group.

The event marked the commencement of the Go Zero Waste: Save Our Ocean project, aimed at mitigating such issues. The launch took place on Kamala Beach, hinting at the possibility of a cleaner and healthier future for this popular tourist destination.

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Author: Mitch Connor