Phuket El Al flight thwarts communication hijack attempt
Phuket El Al flight thwarts communication hijack attemptLegacy

An El Al flight en route from Phuket to Ben-Gurion Airport in Israel encountered a spine-chilling moment on Saturday night as unidentified hostile elements attempted to seize control of its communication network.

This nerve-racking incident, the second of its kind within a week, sent shockwaves through the aviation world. Despite the menacing takeover attempt, the aircraft managed to reach its destination unscathed, ensuring the safety of all passengers and crew on board.

The high-stakes encounter unfolded in airspace notorious for the presence of Iran-backed Houthis, although sources from Somalia have pointed fingers at a group hailing from the de-facto state of Somaliland, recently aligned with Ethiopia, as the likely perpetrators behind this audacious assault.

Upon receiving aberrant instructions to veer off their planned route, the vigilant flight crew swiftly identified the looming threat. Refusing to comply with the suspicious directives, they swiftly transitioned to alternative communication channels, cross-verifying their intended route with other air traffic control services to steer clear of potential danger or diversion.

El Al, Israel’s flagship carrier, acknowledged the gravity of the situation, highlighting the widespread disruptions in communication plaguing Somalia throughout the week, impacting not just El Al flights but others as well. Pilots worldwide have been cautioned by official authorities to dismiss any dubious instructions and switch to backup communication frequencies when necessary, reported Travel Wires.

Reassuring the public, El Al underscored the exemplary professionalism exhibited by its pilots in handling the crisis. The airline stressed that such disturbances while concerning, were not exclusively targeted at El Al and did not escalate into a full-blown security breach. The adept response of the flight crew ensured that the flight remained steadfast on its trajectory, underscoring the airline’s preparedness and resilience in the face of potential threats.

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