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At the heart of Phuket’s pristine waters, two boat operators found themselves ensnared by the law on a fateful day earlier this week. The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) and the Marine Police, in a display of concerted action, apprehended the duo for carrying out commercial fishing activities in a restricted zone and for steering an unlicensed fishing vessel.

The incident occurred roughly 600 yards off the coastline of Laem Mai Phai, Ratsada. The accused, known only as Sompon and Jiranan, were found red-handed, hauling up their nets in an area off-limits to fishing. The pair were manning two anonymous vessels, carrying an entire crew of 17 individuals, reported Phuket News.

Details of the crackdown emerged on Friday evening when the CIB publicised the findings of their joint effort with the Phuket Marine Police. As of Sunday, local authorities are yet to issue any comments on the matter.

Both vessels, with their entire crews, were escorted to the Phuket Marine Police Station. However, apart from the two boat operators, no charges have been mentioned against the rest of the crew.

Sompon, cornered by the evidence, confessed that his ship had been operating without a commercial fishing license. This was not his first brush with the law, as he admitted that he had faced similar charges in the past. Following his confession, the police officially informed him of the charges filed against him.

The CIB outlined the charges against Sompon and Jiranan as being “jointly using commercial fishing gear to fish without permission.” This incident underscores the ongoing battle against unauthorised fishing activities in the region, and the relentless efforts of authorities to preserve the marine environment.

Phuket boat operators nabbed for unlicensed fishing | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of CIB Thailand

In related news, the Department of Marine Resources seized 3 kilogrammes of scallops and apprehended illegal fishing suspects in Trat Province. The culprits’ boat and equipment were handed over for prosecution.

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Author: Mitch Connor