Patsanat Asawachaisophon, Managing Director of the Grand Jomtien Palace Hotel, shares insights on Pattaya’s tourism surge ahead of Chinese New Year festivities.

PATTAYA, Thailand – As the vibrant coastal city of Pattaya eagerly anticipates the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, there’s a palpable sense of excitement in the air. Despite global travel challenges, Pattaya has managed to maintain its allure as one of Thailand’s premier tourist destinations, attracting visitors from far and wide. With one in five Chinese tourists expressing keen interest in experiencing the city’s festivities, hoteliers and tourism authorities are gearing up for a surge in arrivals.

Ms. Patsanat Asawachaisophon, Managing Director of the Grand Jomtien Palace Hotel, heralded a significant uptick in tourism during this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations, highlighting Pattaya’s resilience as a premier tourist destination despite global travel challenges.

She said, “Amidst this surge, hotels rated 4 to 5 stars have experienced a notable influx of Chinese tourists, renowned for their willingness to indulge in premium accommodations and lavish experiences. While 3-star establishments have also welcomed Chinese guests, the demand has not been as pronounced. Typically, these affluent tourists opt for luxurious stays lasting an average of 2 nights.

Amidst a surge in tourism, tourists are seen checking into 4 to 5-star hotels, drawn by Pattaya’s renowned premium accommodations and lavish experiences.

“The majority of Chinese visitors arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, often opting for van rentals to reach Pattaya. This demographic boasts a higher spending capacity, contributing positively to the city’s tourism economy. While group tours have seen a decline in popularity, this year’s celebrations have witnessed a rise in independent Chinese travellers eager to explore Pattaya’s unique offerings.”

Ms. Patsanat acknowledged Pattaya’s online competition, particularly as Chinese tourists meticulously compare prices before departing. Despite the lack of direct flights, Pattaya remains a coveted destination, drawing visitors with its diverse events and attractions.

During the Chinese New Year festivities, Pattaya hotels achieved an impressive 80% booking rate, with central areas boasting near-full occupancy. This success has injected a sense of relief and optimism among hotel operators, positioning Pattaya as a beacon of hope for international tourism recovery and sustained growth in the years ahead.

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Author: Pattaya Mail