Pattaya Seafood Extravaganza draws global crowd to Jomtien Beach
Enthusiastic participants cast their lines into the sea at the Pattaya Squid Fair 2024, hoping to catch the biggest squid and claim victory.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Jomtien Beach was abuzz with excitement on May 24-25 as the Pattaya Squid Fair 2024, Taste of The Sea, unfolded with great fanfare. Organized by the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association, Chonburi Provincial Administrative Organization, and various partner networks, the event was a resounding success, drawing a continuous stream of both Thai and international tourists.

The two-day fair celebrated Chonburi’s rich seafood heritage with more than 70 vendors spread across four food zones: International Food, Seafood Market, Local Food, and Fresh Seafood. Each zone offered a unique culinary experience, showcasing the diversity and quality of Chonburi’s seafood. Additionally, a bustling Food Truck zone added gourmet treats and innovative dishes.

The highlight of the fair was the squid fishing competition on the final day. Over 150 participants, both locals and foreigners, competed enthusiastically, casting their lines in hopes of catching the biggest squid. The competition not only provided an exhilarating experience but also engaged spectators, adding a lively atmosphere.

Visitors enjoy the diverse and high-quality seafood that Chonburi is famous for at the Pattaya Squid Fair 2024.

Entertainment was also a key feature, with folk music performances by students from Chonburi adding a cultural touch. The music created a festive ambiance, resonating with the fair’s theme of celebrating local traditions and talents.

The Pattaya Squid Fair 2024 was more than just a gastronomic delight; it was a strategic initiative to boost tourism and support the local economy. By highlighting Chonburi’s seafood, the event aimed to create jobs and generate income for local residents, promoting Chonburi’s seafood as a “soft power” for Thailand.

The success of the Pattaya Squid Fair underscores the importance of such events in promoting regional specialties and supporting local communities. With its combination of delicious food, exciting activities, and cultural performances, the fair has set a high standard for future events. Attendees left with satisfied palates and fond memories, eagerly anticipating the next celebration of the sea in Chonburi.

Jomtien Beach buzzes with activity as vendors serve up innovative dishes and gourmet treats, offering a unique culinary experience.

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Author: Pattaya Mail