Tattoo artists from around the world gather at the Pattaya International Tattoo Convention, exchanging techniques and exploring diverse styles, from traditional to contemporary, in a celebration of body artistry.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Mayor Poramet Ngampichet, alongside members of the Pattaya Tattoo Club, convened on March 4 at the Pattaya City Hall to discuss preparations for the eagerly anticipated Pattaya International Tattoo Convention 2024.

Scheduled to unfold from April 5 to 6 at the G Floor Activity Area of Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya, this year’s convention adopts the theme “Colours of the Butterfly’s Journey.” The concept symbolizes the life stories of tattoo artists, mirroring their transformation from apprentices to skilled artisans. Like butterflies, they infuse vibrant hues into the world, each stroke representing a stage in their metamorphosis.

The event will draw skilled tattoo artists from both Thailand and across the globe, converging to showcase their artistry on skin. Participants will engage in knowledge exchange and explore various tattoo styles, spanning historical traditions to contemporary innovations. Moreover, aspiring tattoo artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their talents, enriching the convention’s diverse tapestry.

Embracing the theme ‘Colours of the Butterfly’s Journey,’ the Pattaya International Tattoo Convention 2024 encapsulates the artistic evolution of tattoo artists, symbolizing their metamorphosis from apprentices to masterful artisans, each vibrant stroke reflecting a stage in their creative journey.

Beyond its artistic significance, the convention serves as a vital networking platform for Thailand’s tattoo industry, fostering connections both domestically and internationally. It stands as a testament to the cultural richness of Pattaya, celebrating the artistry etched onto human skin and enhancing the city’s allure as a cultural destination.

Mayor Poramet engages with members of the Pattaya Tattoo Club, outlining plans for the upcoming International Tattoo Convention, set to captivate audiences worldwide.

For those eager to participate or reserve booths, inquiries can be directed to @PattayaTattooClub on LINE: []( Alternatively, interested parties can contact Mr. Tum at 097-918 5890 during business hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for more information on booth reservations.

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Author: Pattaya Mail