Mayor Poramet leads discussions with business owners and officials to address noise complaints stemming from venues with live music, particularly those outside the designated entertainment zones.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Mayor Poramet Ngampichet held a meeting on February 22 to tackle a wave of noise complaints. The complaints mainly came from places with live music that were too loud, especially outside the designated entertainment zones. To solve this problem, Pattaya City invited these business owners and officials to discuss and implement measures to reduce the impact on the community.

The meeting saw the attendance of government officials, business owners, and representatives from relevant agencies who discussed issuing licenses for places with live music and possibly creating a One-Stop Service for all licenses. They also talked about handling noise complaints, extending business hours, ensuring businesses follow the law, classifying new entertainment places, and setting up new quiet zones in the city.

Currently, 816 businesses have registered with the Banglamung District Office. The mayor encouraged businesses that haven’t registered yet to do so. They need to follow rules about things like business hours, how loud the music can be, soundproofing, fire exits, and security. Business hours can be from 10 p.m. to midnight, depending on where the business is located.

Mayor Poramet emphasized the importance of cooperation and following the law. He encouraged business owners to understand the concept of living together in society. A committee was set up to ensure the rules are followed. The committee will work with the Banglamung district and the police to check licenses and provide advice to business owners.

The Mayor warned that businesses that don’t follow the rules could lose their licenses. These businesses could be closed for at least 30 days to make improvements. This follows an announcement made on January 26, to keep the city orderly and protect the community.

Business owners engage in constructive dialogue at a meeting convened by Pattaya City to address noise complaints, demonstrating collaborative efforts towards a harmonious community environment.

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Author: Pattaya Mail