Pattaya Mayor promises end to road digging by year-end
A curious tourist observes construction workers as they carry out digging and construction work on the Jomtien Beach landscape improvement project, burying heavy-duty drainage pipes.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Mayor Poramet Ngampichet gave an update on May 20 regarding ongoing and upcoming projects aimed at improving Pattaya’s drainage systems. These initiatives are part of a continuous effort funded by the previous budget allocation.

Key achievements include the completion of drainage installation on Thepprasit Road, with on-going work on parts of Pattaya Second Road and Sukhumvit Road nearing completion. Mayor Poramet urged residents to remain patient as these projects are expected to conclude by the end of the fiscal year. He assured that no additional road excavation projects are planned, but several long-term initiatives are still progressing.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet reassures residents about on-going projects, urging patience as they near completion by fiscal year-end. He confirms no new road excavation plans while long-term initiatives continue to advance.

One notable long-term project is the Na Jomtien Beach landscape improvement, which is divided into four phases: Phase 1: Installation of HDPE pipes from across Family Mart to the area near Koh Dong Tan Substation, covering 1,725 meters, expected to take 14 months. Phase 2: Installation of HDPE pipes from in front of D Varee Hotel to across Family Mart, covering 555 meters, expected to take 5 months. Phase 3: Installation of HDPE pipes from in front of D Varee Hotel to Soi Na Jomtien 19, covering 1,990 meters, expected to take 17 months. Phase 4: Construction of a drainage building in front of D Varee Hotel, expected to take 24 months.

Furthermore, the mayor highlighted the progress of the underground power line project, stating, “Pattaya City has laid out a three-phase plan with a budget of 3.1 billion baht. This project includes the construction of underground power distribution systems, overhead ground wire systems, and communication support across nine main routes.

“The project began on North Pattaya Road as a pilot and is currently in its final phase, focusing on Second Road and South Pattaya. The underground cabling work is well underway and expected to be completed soon, enhancing the city’s aesthetics and ensuring it remains a leading global tourist destination.”

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Author: Pattaya Mail