Pattaya Mayor anticipates roadwork to be completed by year’s end
Pattaya Mayor anticipates roadwork to be completed by year’s endLegacy

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet of Pattaya delivered an update on the ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects aimed at improving the city’s drainage systems. These initiatives, funded by the previous budget allocation, represent a concerted effort to enhance the city’s infrastructure and overall livability.

Highlighting key accomplishments, Mayor Poramet announced the successful completion of drainage installation on Thepprasit Road. Work on Pattaya Second Road and Sukhumvit Road is also nearing completion, signalling significant progress in the city’s drainage improvement efforts.

While urging residents to remain patient as these projects approach conclusion by the end of the fiscal year, the mayor assured them that no additional road excavation projects are planned.

Emphasising the city’s commitment to long-term development, Mayor Poramet outlined the Na Jomtien Beach landscape improvement project, which is divided into four phases.

These four phases concern the installation of HDPE pipes and the construction of a drainage building, all aimed at enhancing the area’s infrastructure over the coming months and years.

In addition to drainage projects, the mayor highlighted progress on the underground power line project, a significant undertaking with a budget of 3.1 billion baht. This initiative involves the construction of underground power distribution systems and overhead ground wire systems along nine main routes.

Currently in its final phase, the project is focused on Second Road and South Pattaya, with underground cabling work well underway and expected to be completed soon.

The mayor expressed confidence that these infrastructure projects will not only improve the city’s aesthetics but also solidify its position as a leading global tourist destination, reported Pattaya Mail.

With ongoing commitment and investment in infrastructure, Pattaya continues to evolve and thrive as a vibrant urban centre.

Residents can look forward to enhanced livability and increased attractiveness for visitors soon after the constant roadwork and construction had plagued the city’s residents with mass inconvenience for close to an eternity.

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Author: Ryan Turner