Pattaya man victim of robbery after date meetup gone wrong
Pattaya man victim of robbery after date meetup gone wrongLegacy

A member of the LGBTQ+ community reportedly fell victim to the robbery of his motorbike during a date arranged online in Pattaya. The incident unfolded in yesterday’s early hours on Soi Phaniat Chang, close to a prominent school in the area.

Upon receiving a report of the robbery, Police Lieutenant Sonthaya Khansap, Deputy Investigator of the Pattaya Police Station, promptly headed to the scene at approximately 4.06am.

At the site, officers discovered the victim, identified as Wittawat, visibly shaken. He informed the police that he had organised a meetup via the Hornet app, an LGBTQ+ dating service.

After initial online conversations, they finally agreed to meet face-to-face.

Upon meeting near the location, Wittawat and the male individual he had arranged to meet decided to ride together on Wittawat’s Yamaha Fino motorcycle to meet a friend.

While traversing a secluded alley close to the school, they were intercepted by two individuals on another motorcycle who instructed them to halt.

Subsequently, the affable demeanour of Wittawat’s acquaintance allegedly transformed, as he brandished a knife and coerced Wittawat to dismount his motorbike.

With his accomplice, the suspect then sped off with the victim’s vehicle into the night, possibly to evade potential surveillance cameras.

Fortunately, Wittawat managed to exit the alley unscathed and promptly contacted the authorities at the Pattaya Police Station.

The Pattaya police are currently in the process of corroborating Wittawat’s narrative and will scrutinise CCTV footage from the vicinity to ascertain the identities of the perpetrators, reported Pattaya News.

In related news, Chaing Mai authorities apprehended an 18 year old gang leader following a robbery spree, his latest venture involved threatening and attacking local skateboarders with a samurai sword, before speeding off on a motorcycle driven by his assailants.

They were found in possession of a samurai sword, motorcycles used in the crimes, and fruit juices and cigarettes robbed from victims.

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