(Top) Vibrant scenes from last year’s Pattaya Music Festival captivate the crowd, showcasing the dynamic atmosphere of the event. (Bottom) Deputy Permanent-Secretary Siwat Boonkerd leads a meeting at City Hall, coordinating preparations for this year’s festival.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Following the success of the New Year’s countdown, Pattaya is set to pulsate with energy once again as it prepares for the upcoming Pattaya Music Festival, slated to take place on Fridays and Saturdays throughout March 2024. The festival will unfold across various picturesque locations:

Weekend 1: March 8-9, featuring three stages at Pattaya Beach.
Weekend 2
: March 15-16, showcasing a stage at Jomtien Beach.
Weekend 3
: March 22-23, with a stage set up at Lan Pho Park in Naklua.
Weekend 4
: March 29-30, offering a stage at Pattaya Beach and an additional stage on March 30 at Koh Larn Island.

A meeting was held at City Hall on February 9, bringing together heads of government departments and related agencies to coordinate preparations for the highly anticipated event. The meeting focused on ensuring comprehensive preparedness in multiple aspects, including traffic management, sanitation, safety measures, and provision of convenient services such as mobile medical units, nursing facilities, and security personnel stationed strategically across the event venues.

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Author: Pattaya Mail