Women participants at the cyber-security training seminar in Nongprue Municipality, Pattaya, gain practical insights to navigate the online landscape safely and protect themselves from cyber threats.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Nongprue Municipality took proactive steps to empower its women’s development group with a practical training seminar recently. Led by Mayor Winai Inpitak, the event aimed to boost awareness and cyber-security skills among women, addressing the growing challenges of the digital world.

Aligned with the municipality’s Women’s Development Project, this year’s focus was on “Cyber World Awareness and Cyber-security.” Collaborating with local police, the seminar featured guest speakers sharing insights on preventing online deception and cyber threats.

The training equipped women with knowledge to navigate the online landscape safely, aiming to prevent them from falling victim to scams and manipulations by cybercriminals. The initiative underscores the municipality’s commitment to empowering women and ensuring they remain informed and resilient in the digital age.

Mayor Winai Inpitak said, “The importance of such initiatives in enabling women to actively participate in the digital realm while safeguarding themselves and their families. As technology evolves, efforts to enhance cyber-security skills among women are crucial for building safer communities.”

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Author: Pattaya Mail