Sanphet Suphabuansathien, President of the Thai Hotels Association (Eastern Chapter), emphasizes the flourishing hotel industry in the region, attributing the surge in bookings to international tourists seeking warmth and relaxation in Pattaya.

PATTAYA, Thailand – With over 90% occupancy reported, Pattaya is witnessing a surge in bookings, attracting tourists from across the globe. Chinese, Russian, and Indian visitors are leading the influx, drawn to the city’s vibrant atmosphere and diverse attractions. Simultaneously, domestic tourists from Thailand are also flocking to Pattaya, contributing to the bustling tourism scene.

Sanphet Suphabuansathien, President of the Thai Hotels Association (Eastern Chapter), highlighted the thriving hotel industry in the region. Russian tourists, seeking respite from the cold weather, have turned to Pattaya as their preferred destination for relaxation. The uptick in flight frequency since the end of January has further fueled the city’s tourism boom.

The return of Chinese tourists, who began visiting Pattaya early in the year, has injected renewed energy into the tourism landscape. This positive momentum extends to Indian tourists, who are also contributing to the significant rise in overall visitor numbers.

While Thai tourists were initially sparse in January, there has been a noticeable surge during the recent extended Makha Bucha holiday period. Many locals opted for Pattaya as their destination for a quick getaway, further boosting tourism numbers.

A noteworthy trend among Thai tourists is the shift towards spontaneous bookings, with travelers increasingly reserving accommodation close to their travel dates rather than planning far in advance. Hotels, particularly those under national and international chains, have reported a surge in room bookings, driving the overall hotel occupancy rate to more than 90% across Pattaya.

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Author: Pattaya Mail