Pattaya officials, including Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet and Superintendent Pol. Col. Navin Thirawit, convene a meeting to address challenges impacting Koh Larn’s tourism sector.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In an effort to bolster tourist safety and improve the visitor experience on Koh Larn Island, Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet and Superintendent Pol. Col. Navin Thirawit of the Pattaya City Police Station spearheaded a comprehensive meeting on March 7. Attended by key stakeholders, including law enforcement officials, local authorities, community leaders, and business operators, the gathering aimed to address pressing concerns plaguing the island’s tourism sector.

With mounting complaints ranging from space management issues to safety hazards posed by inexperienced golf cart drivers navigating the island’s rugged terrain, the meeting focused on formulating effective solutions to enhance Koh Larn’s tourism image.

Significant outcomes included the establishment of designated parking areas for baht-buses (Song Taew) on Tawaen Beach to alleviate traffic congestion. A comprehensive traffic management plan for the Na Ban Pier area was also devised, incorporating clear signage and stringent enforcement of parking regulations.

Acknowledging safety risks associated with inexperienced golf cart drivers, authorities agreed to prohibit the rental of golf carts to tourists for personal use. However, registered drivers from resort or hotel operators will continue to provide golf cart ride services.

Efforts to address the issue of unregistered motorcycle taxis will involve rigorous inspections and enforcement of vehicle registration, taxation, and licensing regulations by land transport authorities.

Mayor Poramet emphasized the urgency of addressing these issues to restore confidence in tourist safety on Koh Larn Island, particularly with the island witnessing up to 10,000 visitors daily. Attention will also be directed towards tap water availability, waste management, and overall tourist safety on both land and sea.

Superintendent Navin assured the public of the police force’s commitment to enforcing regulations and maintaining order on Koh Larn. He pledged round-the-clock vigilance, with at least eight officers stationed on duty to uphold safety standards.

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Author: Pattaya Mail