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A special administrative unit led a successful raid on an illegal karaoke establishment in Pathum Thani Province, arresting several individuals and uncovering evidence of drug use. The operation took place at 3am today, March 2. The venue, disguised as an ordinary apartment block, hosted a bustling night-time scene where patrons and employees were found to be consuming and in possession of illicit substances.

The raid, executed by over 30 officers from the Department of Provincial Administration’s special operations unit along with local administrative officials, targeted the second floor of a five-story apartment complex in Thanyaburi District. The floor was converted into ten VIP karaoke rooms, opposite to which was an outdoor seating area for customers. Authorities also found a covered snooker table, hinting at the diverse entertainment options provided to the venue’s visitors.

Upon entry, officials from the Narcotics Suppression Bureau discovered eight of the 10 karaoke rooms occupied by guests and hostesses, some of whom tested positive for drugs. The operation was spurred by complaints to the Ministry of Interior’s hotline, alleging the apartment’s second floor functioned as a hub for drug consumption and trafficking, reported KhaoSod.

The managing director of the Department of Provincial Administration, along with the deputy governor of Pathum Thani and the local district officer, spearheaded the raid. They confirmed that the apartment operated until 8am and appeared as a regular dormitory from the outside. However, the second floor was a hive of illicit activity, with patrons and managers drinking and facilitating drug services.

The authorities had previously shut down a neighbouring entertainment venue, but it was reopened for large group bookings. Recent intelligence revealed that a large group of Vietnamese patrons had visited, consuming substantial amounts of drugs. Officials also warned of new and potentially life-threatening substances like Happy Water and Blue Water.

During the raid, law enforcement discovered that the staff had connections with drug agents, supplying customers with narcotics. Financial investigations by the Narcotics Suppression Bureau’s regional office are underway to track the money trail and seize assets involved in the drug trade.

In this latest crackdown on illegal drug activities, the provincial governor of Pathum Thani is poised to order a five-year closure of the establishment. The operation underscores the government’s commitment to eradicating the scourge of drugs and highlights the dangers that such illegal venues pose to society.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood