Parking lot scales up: Fish delivery driver attacked in market brawl
Parking lot scales up: Fish delivery driver attacked in market brawlLegacy

A chaotic scene erupted at a local market in Udon Thani as a fish delivery driver was attacked over a parking dispute. The incident, which occurred around 7am yesterday, June 10, saw several men assaulting the driver before fleeing the scene in a pickup truck.

Police from Udon Thani’s 191 suppression unit received a report of the attack, which took place at the intersection of Pran Prao Road and Pho Sri Road in front of Municipal Market 1. Upon arrival, the assailants had already fled, leaving the victim, identified as 40 year old Thanom, with a knife embedded in his left buttock.

Blood flowed continuously from the wound, and the knife handle lay on the ground. Emergency services were promptly called to transport Thanom to Udon Thani Hospital for urgent medical attention.

Security footage from the market’s CCTV recorded the attack. Approximately eight men were seen running across the street to assault Thanom, beating him until he collapsed on the ground before they calmly fled back across the road. Thanom later recounted that the attackers were not loan sharks but fellow fish delivery drivers.

The confrontation began when the group parked their vehicle, blocking the market entrance. Thanom, who was also there to deliver fish, politely asked them to move their vehicle to allow him access. The request led to a heated argument, escalating to a physical altercation, and eventually, the group ganged up to assault him.

“The group parked their vehicle in a way that blocked the entrance to the market. When I asked them politely to move so I could deliver my fish, they got angry. We argued, and then they attacked me with a knife.”

Thanom’s younger brother, who was present during the incident, corroborated his account. He stated that they were unloading fish when the group blocked the entrance. He also asked the group politely to move their vehicle, but they responded with hostility.

“They got angry and started shouting at us, asking what we wanted from them. Then they came at my brother with knives and attacked him at the market corner.”

A bystander managed to capture evidence of the attack on camera and provided it to the police. The footage showed that the assailants, numbering six, fled in a Toyota pickup truck with Sakon Nakhon licence plates. The authorities are now working to track down the suspects based on the evidence provided, reported KhaoSod.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal