Optical illusion on plane goes viral as passenger shares baffling photoLegacy

A passenger’s perplexing experience aboard an aeroplane, where a seemingly vigilant gaze from the seat in front turned out to be a mere optical illusion, has gone viral, captivating social media users and generating widespread amusement.

Kisha Kitchen, while travelling by plane, noticed something peculiar about the passenger seated ahead on the right. It appeared as though she was being stared at continuously. The other passenger’s eyes seemed intensely focused, almost unnervingly unblinking. Kisha took to Facebook to share her unnerving encounter, posting an image with a caption.

“I know I’ve had a drink, but I swear this woman is staring at me.”

Upon closer inspection, what seemed like a direct stare was a clever deception. The passenger in front had simply pulled up the hood of their sweater over their face, with dark earbuds adding to the illusion of staring eyes. The reality of the situation unfolded: there was no continuous gaze, it was just a hooded figure lost in the comfort of their music, reported Sanook.

The post quickly resonated with netizens, garnering over 180,000 likes and being shared more than 10,000 times, sparking a flurry of comments. Many echoed sentiments of shared confusion.

“Even if I wasn’t drinking, I thought it was a woman staring too.”

“It took me a long time to realise what it was.”

“I had to zoom in several times before I figured it out.”

Meanwhile, other social media users struggled to decipher the image and pleaded for an explanation as they could not see the illusion for themselves.

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Author: Samantha Rose