Noise battle rages in Pattaya as bars clash with apartment owner
A once-tranquil neighborhood near Wat Boon Kanjanaram in Pattaya, has become a battleground as apartment owner Kanjana Brousa struggles to combat the relentless noise emanating from several neighboring bars.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In a cacophony of discontent, the tranquil neighborhood near Wat Boon Kanjanaram has become a battleground between a symphony of bars versus an exasperated apartment owner, Kanjana Brousa, who finds herself caught in the crossfire.

The issue at hand is blaring music. Seven neighboring bars, each belting out tunes with the gusto of a rock concert, have turned the once-peaceful vicinity into a sleep-deprived nightmare. International tourists, seeking solace in Kanjana’s apartment, now toss and turn as basslines reverberate through their walls.

Kanjana’s apartment, nestled within a semi-commercial building, bears the brunt of this auditory assault. The windows tremble in sync with the beats, creating an unsettling rhythm that disrupts both residents and business operations. The once-cozy abode now feels like a war zone.

Kanjana’s backstory adds a layer of tragedy. During the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, she poured her heart and millions into transforming a commercial space into an apartment oasis. Little did she know that neighboring buildings, once dormant, would awaken as raucous bars. The harmony of her investment was shattered.

Desperate for peace, Kanjana turned to legal channels. Three complaints lodged with the local justice center in Banglamung yielded no resolution. She even extended olive branches to the bar owners, exchanging presents on special occasions. But goodwill couldn’t drown out the blaring beats.

When the bars cranked up the volume during late-night events, Kanjana dialed emergency hotline 191. The police arrived, but their response was inconsistent. The bars would temporarily lower their decibels, only to crank them up again. The residents suffered, some demanding refunds after enduring mere hours of auditory torture.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Kanjana invested in double layers of soundproof glass for every floor. Alas, the relentless noise still seeped through. Now, she appeals to the authorities—Pattaya City, local administration, and the police—to intervene swiftly. Her business hangs in the balance, and the once-peaceful apartment teeters on the edge of chaos.

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Author: Pattaya Mail