New vegan fried egg dazzles on social media with plant-based twistLegacy

A vegan version of the classic fried egg has taken social media by storm, thanks to a post by the page Vegan Inspired by Mink.

The creation, which at first glance seems like a regular fried egg, is a plant-based innovation, completely devoid of animal products.

Social media users were immediately captivated by an image posted by Vegan Inspired by Mink, which showed a vegan fried egg so convincing that it prompted a guessing game about what ingredients could replicate the egg yolk. Predictions ranged from pumpkin and carrot to chickpeas mixed with turmeric, orange sweet potatoes, durian, and soybeans. The post went viral, sparking debates and discussions among health enthusiasts and traditional egg consumers alike.

In a revelatory follow-up, Vegan Inspired by Mink disclosed that the vegan egg is made entirely from vegetables. The yolk is crafted from orange sweet potatoes, known for their high nutritional benefits, including immune system support, cancer risk reduction, skin nourishment, and fibre content, making them suitable for all ages and genders. The egg white remains somewhat of a mystery, but the page hinted at the use of tofu and possibly other ingredients.

The big reveal caused quite a stir, showcasing the creativity that goes into developing healthy alternatives. While some social media users shared their attempts at making the vegan fried egg, others sparked a debate by questioning the rationale behind creating plant-based foods that mimic meat products.

This led to a clash of opinions between health-conscious vegans and meat-eaters. In response, some vegans argued that if one does not appreciate such innovations, they can simply scroll past without commenting, emphasising that the page is meant to be a space for sharing vegan experiences and choices, reported KhaoSod.

The discussion around the vegan fried egg illustrates a growing trend toward plant-based diets and the ongoing dialogues about food choices and sustainability. Vegan Inspired by Mink continues to be a platform for those interested in exploring veganism and offers a glimpse into the diverse and innovative world of plant-based cuisine.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood