NBTC urges responsible broadcasting amid violent content
NBTC urges responsible broadcasting amid violent contentLegacy

A plea for responsible broadcasting has been made by General Sittichai Makkunchorn, the spokesperson for the Chairperson of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

This appeal comes following public outcry over media exposure of violent content, the most recent instance being the wide circulation of a domestic violence case where a man took his wife’s life. This controversy has brought the ethical implications of broadcasting such material to the forefront of public discourse.

The matter at hand could be potentially in violation of Section 37 of the 2008 Act on the operation of broadcast and television businesses. The 2008 Act asserts that the dissemination of harmful content, especially that which is violent or obscene, is strictly prohibited. It is a reminder that the media are not just storytellers but also gatekeepers of content with a responsibility to consider the broader societal implications of their broadcasts, reported Pattaya News.

General Sittichai underlined that, given the present media landscape, television acts as a primary source of information. This creates a ripple effect, with violent stories often being replicated across online media platforms, amplifying their reach and potential harm.

“It’s not just about being mindful of the professional standards and ethics that govern our industry, we must also be aware of the impact our broadcasts have on society.”

The NBTC has accordingly called upon all media, specifically licensed television broadcasters, to conduct thorough checks on their content. The commission has also urged them to respect the professional standards and ethics that guide their industry and to bear in mind the societal consequences of their broadcasts.

In related news, the National Public Relations Committee convened on Wednesday, February 14, led by Deputy Prime Minister Somsak Thepsutin, to tackle the crisis of low ratings for the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (NBT) channel. Currently languishing in 17th place, NBT faces an uphill battle to resonate with viewers amidst fierce competition.

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