Mystery surrounds death of woman found naked off Koh Si Chang
Mystery surrounds death of woman found naked off Koh Si ChangLegacy

A Thai man took to social media to share information on the mysterious death of his sister, whose naked body was found in the sea off Koh Si Chang island in Chon Buri province on May 31.

The deceased woman’s younger brother, Rittikiat Pisoot, shared a timeline of his sister, Preyaporn “Da” Niyomkarn, and her solo trip to Koh Si Chang on his Facebook account on Tuesday, June 4. Rittikiat disclosed that Da’s body was found on May 31, wearing only a torn bra.

Police suspected Da’s death was a suicide but Rittikiat disagrees. He shared his sister’s timeline to seek opinions from netizens and justice for his sister.

According to Rittikiat, Da took a ferry from the mainland of Chon Buri to the island and arrived at about 10.45am on May 30. She then rented a motorcycle at 250 baht from a rental shop and went to a restaurant for food and beer in the afternoon.

Da spent time there from 11.30am to 2.30pm. A staff member at the restaurant was seen in a security camera sitting and talking with Da. After leaving the restaurant, Da went to a local grocery shop outside her hotel to buy a can of beer.

Rittikiat explained that Da engaged with her boyfriend online while at the restaurant but disappeared and stopped responding to messages after 3pm.

Mysterious location sharing

Around 4.08pm, a security camera showed Da parking the rented motorcycle at a popular attraction called Chong Khao Khat and walking in. She sent a goodbye message to her boyfriend at 4.40pm and shared a location in the middle of the sea with her aunt at a similar time.

The motorcycle rental shop owner found the motorcycle at midnight. Da disappeared at Chong Khao Khat, but the shared location was near Samut Prakan province, far from Koh Si Chang.

Her body was found near Yai Tim Pier, 5 to 6 kilometres from Chong Khao Khat. Her belongings, including a backpack, shoes, broken sunglasses, and the rented motorcycle were found at Chong Khao Khat.

It is unclear why Da shared the location with her aunt but Rittikiat suspects she was in danger and seeking help. He also noted that his sister had no reason to remove her clothes before committing suicide, especially considering her shorts were tight and unlikely to come off in the water.

The case has not yet been concluded, and the investigation is ongoing.

Some netizens brought up another incident that occurred in Koh Si Chang in April 2019. In this tragic case, a 27 year old German woman was raped and murdered while travelling alone.

The perpetrator, identified as Ronnakorn Romruen, a 24-year-old Thai man, was apprehended. Investigations revealed his involvement in drug trafficking and his addiction to narcotics.

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Author: Petch Petpailin