MRT clarifies water leakage caused by clogged A/C system
MRT clarifies water leakage caused by clogged A/C systemLegacy

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority (MRTA) today clarified that the water leakage on a Bangkok MRT train captured on camera was due to a clogged air-conditioning system. The incident occurred at 6.35pm on Tuesday, May 21, on a Blue Line train travelling from Bang Sue station to Tao Poon station, which saw water flowing from the A/C vents, causing concern among passengers.

The MRTA explained that the leakage stemmed from an issue with the drain hoses of the air-conditioning system, which led to water flowing back into the train. This clarification by the MRTA came amidst speculation that the leakage might have been due to rainwater, especially given the heavy downpours in Bangkok at the time.

“The leakage was caused by a problem with the drain hoses in the A/C system, not rainwater seeping through the roof.”

The agency further assured that immediate measures have been taken to prevent such incidents from occurring again. Maintenance frequency for the air-conditioning systems has been increased to ensure they remain in optimal condition.

In its statement, the MRTA reiterated that all trains are equipped with safety systems designed to prevent short circuits, alleviating any safety concerns passengers might have had.

“Safety is our top priority, and we have systems in place to ensure that such incidents do not compromise the safety of our passengers.”

Unrelated to rain

The timing of the incident coincided with the Thai Meteorological Department’s announcement of the start of the rainy season, which likely contributed to the initial confusion regarding the source of the water leakage.

The MRTA was quick to dispel these rumours, emphasising that the water leakage was entirely unrelated to the rain.

Their quick response follows a video clip which went viral on social media. The clip, humorously titled “Today’s MRT, from passengers to victims #MRT #Rain,” shows the unexpected nature of the incident.

In response to the incident, the MRTA has pledged to enhance its maintenance protocols and ensure that all systems are functioning correctly to avoid any recurrence.

The state enterprise has also committed to improving communication with passengers to keep them informed about any issues and the steps being taken to address them, reported Bangkok Post.

As Bangkok enters the rainy season, the MRTA’s prompt response and reassurance come as a relief to many who rely on the MRT for their daily commutes.

The enhanced maintenance measures and safety assurances aim to restore passenger confidence and ensure a smooth, safe travel experience.

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Author: Mitch Connor