Monk dies in Nonthaburi after mobile roof frame collapses
Monk dies in Nonthaburi after mobile roof frame collapsesLegacy

A tragic incident occurred yesterday at a temple in Nonthaburi’s Sai Noi district, where a monk was fatally injured by a collapsing mobile roof frame. The accident happened around 6.30pm when three monks were moving the large structure.

Police Lieutenant Rung Liemkhoksoong, who responded to the scene, confirmed the details of the incident. A mobile roof frame with wheels, measuring four by 5 metres, tipped over and trapped Somchai, also known as Phra Muk, a 50 year old resident monk. Despite efforts from fellow monks and a nearby motorcycle taxi driver to lift the frame, Somchai succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

Witness 60 year old Sompong recounted that approximately 20 minutes before the accident, he noticed three monks pushing the roof frame. Each monk was responsible for one wheel, leaving one wheel unmanned.

The frame became unsteady when one of the wheels got stuck on uneven ground, causing it to topple over and pin Phra Somchai under its weight. Sompong immediately called for help, and they managed to extract Somchai from beneath the frame, but it was too late to save him.

Phra Phromphoom, a 47 year old monk at the temple, provided further insight into the events leading up to the tragic accident. He mentioned that initially, two monks were trying to move the frame, which was already a challenging task due to its size and age.

Phra Somchai had previously gone to a nearby convenience store but joined the effort upon his return. Despite warnings about the danger, they continued, leading to the eventual mishap. The roof frame, which had been in use for 20 years, had become unstable over time and was difficult to manoeuvre, reported KhaoSod.

Authorities have taken Phra Somchai’s body to the hospital for an autopsy and are conducting an investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident. Legal procedures are being followed before releasing the body for funeral rites.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood