Mid-air tyre fiasco: United Airlines jet loses wheel (video)
Mid-air tyre fiasco: United Airlines jet loses wheel (video)Legacy

In a heart-stopping incident, a tyre from a United Airlines plane departing from San Francisco International Airport went rogue mid-air, hurtling down onto a parking lot nearby.

SFO spokesperson Doug Yakel confirmed the tyre, dislodged from Japan-bound United Flight 35, crash-landed in an airport employee parking zone, wreaking havoc on multiple vehicles. Thankfully, no injuries were reported in the alarming episode.

Captured on video, the hair-raising moment unfolded as the Boeing 777-200 ascended, shedding its rear landing gear tyre mere seconds after liftoff. To manage the aftermath, airport authorities promptly shut down the runway, facilitating debris removal without further disruptions to flight operations, Yakel assured.

Originally bound for Osaka, Japan, Flight 35 underwent an abrupt diversion to Los Angeles International Airport for a safe landing.

United Airlines clarified that a Boeing 777 is equipped with six tyres on each of its main landing gear struts, designed to withstand landing with missing or damaged tyres. Nevertheless, seasoned aviation experts, including Mike McCarron, expressed incredulity at the rarity of such an event.

Speculation arose regarding maintenance procedures, with scrutiny aimed at United’s protocols and potential structural issues involving Boeing aircraft.

Doug Rice, boasting 42 years of commercial airline experience, highlighted lingering concerns despite the plane’s capability to manage without one wheel. He underscored cautious measures taken by authorities, including not moving the aircraft off the runway immediately to avoid exacerbating any latent issues.

The flight carried 249 individuals, comprising 235 passengers, 10 flight attendants, and 4 pilots, United Airlines confirmed.

As investigations kick off, both the FAA and NTSB will delve into the incident, meticulously inspecting the plane and the detached wheel for clues, reported NBC Bay Area News.

Despite the unsettling ordeal, United Airlines swiftly arranged for passengers to board a replacement plane at LAX, ensuring their journey to Osaka continued uninterrupted.

In a statement, United expressed gratitude to its crew and ground teams for their prompt and professional response, pledging to address the needs of affected passengers and vehicle owners impacted by the mishap at SFO.

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