In the wake of our recent discussion on the stringent immigration checks faced by Thai nationals abroad, a torrent of responses has unveiled a disconcerting undertone. It prompts us to ask maybe Thailand should go the path of Korea and be more selective of the visa-running, draft dodging, racist, mysoginistic sexpats we let in. 

The previous sentence was only a slight hyperbole. 

But here is a nice cross section of people that replied to our story. 

Thailand’s hospitality should not be mistaken for leniency towards those who disrespect the nation and its people.

The derogatory commentary from these expatriates stands in stark contrast to the values of mutual respect and understanding that are integral to Thai society. It reflects not just a personal failing but a systemic issue where certain expatriates exploit Thailand’s welcoming nature while harboring and expressing contempt for its people.

The conversation about immigration and expatriate communities must evolve. So to must we target a better subset of tourists and expats who come to our country. Maybe it’s time we stop letting in the English-teaching, Nana Plaza/Patong-dwelling, bottom-feeding, losers-back-home that come to Thailand only to bitch about the country they now live in at every opportunity. 

It is time to consider the implementation of more rigorous vetting processes, akin to those our citizens face abroad. This is not about xenophobia or generalizing a whole community based on the actions of a few; it is about safeguarding the respect that every Thai citizen deserves.

Existing laws and regulations that govern the conduct of foreigners in Thailand must be applied with renewed diligence. Those who engage in illegal activities, exploit the vulnerabilities of Thai society, or display a persistent pattern of racist and disrespectful behavior should be subject to review and potential deportation.

Views expressed are the author’s alone and not an official stance of the Thai Enquirer.

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Author: Wanchai Vatanakool