March 16 Thai lottery draw stirs excitement with number patterns
March 16 Thai lottery draw stirs excitement with number patternsLegacy

The Government Lottery Office (GLO) is set to draw the next batch of Thai lottery prizes on Saturday, March 16, a highly anticipated event that has sparked a flurry of interest among lottery enthusiasts.

The March 16 lottery draw, which takes place at the GLO in Nonthaburi, follows a longstanding tradition that has seen a decade’s worth of numbers bringing fortune, or disappointment, to countless individuals.

A retrospective glance over the past 10 years reveals a pattern of lottery numbers that have captured the public’s attention. Lottery followers, both seasoned and new, eagerly seek out these historical numbers, hoping to discover a lucky streak that could hint at future wins. Today, the three-digit front and back prize numbers were revealed, adding to the lottery fever.

Diving into the archives, the winning numbers from the March 16 draw in previous years are as follows:

In 2022, the first prize number was 025873, with the three-digit front numbers being 420 and 800, and the three-digit back numbers 355 and 544. The two-digit tail number was 73.

For the year 2021, the first prize number was 737867, with front numbers 349 and 985, back numbers 788 and 989, and the tail number 03.

In 2020, the coveted first prize went to the number 890422, with front numbers 036 and 902, back numbers 256 and 396, and the tail number 19.

The year 2019 saw the number 503446 take the top prize, with front numbers 258 and 726, back numbers 404 and 661, and the tail number 77.

In 2018, the winning number was 724628, with front numbers 148 and 883, back numbers 154 and 877, and the tail number 64.

The 2017 draw gave the first prize to the number 218559, with front numbers 064 and 720, back numbers 205 and 489, and the tail number 82.

2016’s lucky first prize number was 273863, with front numbers 324 and 918, back numbers 694 and 941, and tail number 92.

In 2015, the winner was 134918, with front numbers 855 and 877, back numbers 004 and 973, and the tail number 32.

In 2014, the first prize was 048151, with the back numbers being 339, 622, 623, and 757, and the tail number 92.

Finally, the 2013 draw saw the number 531404 emerge victorious, with back numbers 250, 305, 400, and 904, and the tail number 79, reported KhaoSod.

This compilation of data not only satisfies the curiosity of those looking to discern patterns but also serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of the lottery in Thai culture.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood