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A shocking incident unfolded in the heart of Bangkok when a man, reportedly close friends with the victim, pulled a gun and opened fire in a violent dispute over personal matters before fleeing with a fake gold necklace. The altercation, which took place in the Ladprao area, has left locals alarmed and law enforcement officers on high alert as they hunt for the assailant.

Yesterday, around 4.46pm, a 30 year old man from Yala province found himself the target of an armed attack amidst the bustling streets of Bangkok’s Wang Thonglang district. The victim, who was riding a motorcycle with a friend, was pursued by two individuals on a brown Yamaha Grand Filano motorbike with the registration 5ขท138 Bangkok.

The chase ended with the assailant demanding the victim’s necklace at gunpoint. In a state of panic, the victim handed over a 30-gram fake gold chain to the armed perpetrator, who then sped away with his accomplice. The victim, having survived the traumatic ordeal, reported the crime at the Wang Thonglang police station, reported KhaoSod.

The deputy inspector at Wang Thonglang police station, Jidapha Kerdmeephod, was notified of the robbery and immediately initiated an investigation alongside the station chief, Jesada Yangnok, and his deputy, Aphichok Kanabadi. Their inquiries led to a review of CCTV footage from the area, which corroborated the victim’s account of the aggressive pursuit and subsequent gunfire, with two shots being confirmed.

Upon further interrogation, the 23 year old victim identified the main aggressor as Ibrohem, from Yala province, a one-time close friend. The dispute between the two reportedly stemmed from a previous loan of 7,000 baht (US$ 196), which the victim insisted he had repaid in full. However, Ibrohem claimed otherwise. The situation was further complicated by personal relationships, as the victim’s girlfriend had subsequently become involved with Ibahem, leading to an ongoing conflict between the two men.

The police are now vigorously seeking the whereabouts of Ibrohem to bring him to justice.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood