Man on rampage in Sisaket injures cop and residents with crowbar
Man on rampage in Sisaket injures cop and residents with crowbarLegacy

A 50 year old Thai man’s violent rampage in Sisaket Province ended with a police officer seriously injured and the assailant subdued by an electric gun.

The incident unfolded in the small community of Ban Kradaw, where the man, identified as Boonyiam, attacked an elderly man on a motorcycle with a metal crowbar, breaking his arm. A female village head who intervened was also struck. Police were notified of the chaos at 2.21pm yesterday, with the assailant armed with a metal crowbar and a knife.

Upon arrival, police found Boonyiam in a frenzied state. During the altercation, a 60 year old man riding his motorcycle was hit by the crowbar, resulting in a broken arm. Ratthachak Surakhote, the village head, rushed to assist but sustained injuries to his back. Police officer Thanasilp Wannawong attempted to control the situation but was stabbed in the stomach by Boonyiam, necessitating emergency medical attention.

The police resorted to an electric gun to incapacitate the perpetrator, who was subsequently arrested along with the weapons in his possession. Deputy Provincial Police Chief Chayakorn Tesbumroong participated in the interrogation, noting that Boonyiam claimed to be under severe stress. No drugs were found in his system, pending further examination by Rasri Sail Hospital the following day. Thanasilp, severely wounded, underwent surgery at Srisaket Hospital and has yet to regain consciousness. Boonyiam has been preliminarily charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer while on duty, reported KhaoSod.

Investigation is underway to uncover the motives behind Boonyiam’s actions and ensuring justice for the victims. Meanwhile, the police are being commended for their quick response and management of a volatile and dangerous situation.

In related news, a mentally ill Thai man stabbed a local woman he met on a coach bus in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen on February 6. The attacker’s mother revealed that her son had a mental illness but refused any treatment.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood