LGBTQ+ couples flock to homophobic countries for honeymoons
LGBTQ+ couples flock to homophobic countries for honeymoonsLegacy

A recent survey unveiled that LGBTQ+ couples are setting their sights on honeymoon destinations where homosexuality remains illegal, defying conventional norms.

Dubai, the Maldives, East Africa, and the Caribbean are just some of the places identified by LGBTQ+ couples as dream honeymoon spots, according to Kuoni’s latest LGBTQ+ Honeymoon report.

While 44% of respondents prioritise the overall destination experience over attitudes towards LGBTQ+ individuals, the top choices over the past decade have been LGBTQ+-friendly havens like Greece, Canada, the USA, and Australia, with Italy and Thailand also ranking high.

Mark Duguid, managing director of Kuoni, stressed the importance of nuanced conversations surrounding LGBTQ+ travel.

“We give our customers the information to make educated choices and navigate those issues in a very individual way with our staff.”

Privacy and exclusivity emerge as key trends, with many LGBTQ+ couples favouring private villas to ensure intimacy in countries lacking true marriage equality. Furthermore, 56% of respondents highlighted the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusive accommodation while travelling, reported Yahoo News UK.

Duguid reaffirmed Kuoni’s commitment to inclusivity.

“We have always been committed to inclusivity and ensuring that every traveller feels safe, valued and celebrated.”

The survey coincides with the 10th anniversary of The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, marking a decade since the law was passed in England and Wales, reflecting on the progress made in LGBTQ+ rights.

In related news, in a move anticipating the impending legalisation of same-sex marriage in Thailand, the nation‘s Health Department Director-General Atchara Nithiapinyasakul is pushing for a revision of the Surrogacy Act.

The aim is to open the doors for homosexual couples to adopt a baby through a surrogate mother, addressing not just personal desires but also a national crisis.

In other news, Phuket celebrated Valentine’s Day with a sprinkle of love and a dash of tradition as several couples took their vows and registered their marriages in various district offices across the city. In a nod to the significance of the day, officials showered the newlyweds with blessings and small tokens of appreciation.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal