Labubu yantra tattoos capture spiritual community’s interest
Labubu yantra tattoos capture spiritual community’s interestLegacy

The ongoing trend for Popmart’s Labubu art toys has now expanded beyond fashion enthusiasts to also captivate the spiritual community. The Labu Bu Phoksap Yantra, a new tattoo design, originated from AjarnAmsri Ohromyan’s Facebook post, where he shared images of the Yantra inspired by the popular Labubu character.

AjarnAmsri explained that the yantra’s creation stemmed from his daughter’s love for Labubu. He designed the yantra’s unique characters specifically for her.

“The Labubu yantra caught the attention of many journalists. The truth is, my daughter loves Labubu and constantly asks me to buy it at Westgate on weekends. Due to its high price and rarity, she could only collect a few, but her desire never waned. She sang Labubu songs all day and showed TikTok videos demanding more. As a tattoo artist who loves to draw, I took inspiration from online images of Labubu and created a new yantra for her.”

AjarnAmsri’s sister, who is also a fan of Labubu collectables, requested the Yantra tattoo after seeing the design. AjarnAmsri agreed, considering the family connection and his sister’s assistance in taking care of his children. He humorously mentioned, This way, my daughter wouldn’t nag about Labubu anymore, as our budget for collectables was exhausted.

The Yantra design quickly gained popularity after AjarnAmsri posted a video on TikTok with the caption, Love beyond measure. This time, there is no need to wait for the rare pieces. Take it with you as a tattoo. This Yantra is highly sought after. Please, no drama; we don’t have time for those who undervalue Thai yantras.

AjarnAmsri, known for his extensive range of over ten thousand yantras, offers various spiritual services, including tattooing yantras, fortune-telling, and conducting rituals. Based in Nonthaburi, he is recognized as a master in designing custom yantras and logos for numerous businesses and prominent stores. The yantra’s sudden surge in popularity illustrates how a simple design can resonate deeply with cultural and spiritual communities.

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Author: Samantha Rose