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A giant driftwood log, uniquely shaped and visually arresting, lies on the coast of Koh Kradan, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, as voted by the World Beach Guide for two consecutive years (2023–2024). This driftwood has become a symbol of the Trang province’s highly popular tourist spot, drawing both Thai and international visitors for memorable photos.

Koh Kradan, renowned for its natural beauty, boasts pristine white sandy beaches, crystal-clear azure waters, diverse marine life, flourishing shallow water corals, and pure, clean air. These features make the island a must-visit destination, attracting countless tourists eager to experience its splendour firsthand experience.

At the heart of Koh Kradan’s iconic landmarks, tourists flock to take selfies with one of the three giant driftwood logs that have rested on the beach for years. One particularly striking pine tree, felled by the Pa Buk storm in early 2019, has roots resembling a dragon’s head.

The area’s regulations are strictly enforced by the Hat Chao Mai National Park authorities, which forbid the removal or cutting of these trees, allowing them to naturally decay over time into beautifully shaped driftwood.

The manager of Modtanoy Resort, Pruek Kerdubon, part of the Trang Sea tourism operator team, shared that the driftwood of Koh Kradan is considered the most beautiful among all the islands in the Trang Sea. It owes its unique appearance to the erosive action of the sea’s tides and the abrasive force of the sands.

This has sculpted the logs into extraordinary shapes, and with their substantial size, they are easy to climb and have been affectionately dubbed the giant wood of the people due to their popularity for photo opportunities.

Visitors capturing images with the driftwood often find that these pictures are instantly recognisable, showcasing that they have indeed visited the enchanting Koh Kradan, reported Khaosod.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood