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The city of Khon Kaen has recently been disrupted by a gang of daredevil bikers, whose brazen stunts on public roads have triggered alarm and concern among residents. The local community is calling for police action against these reckless motorcyclists, fearing for the safety of other road users.

In an unsettling display of audacity, one masked biker has been caught on camera performing wheelie stunts, on a loud off-road motorcycle roaring down the streets. These acts of showmanship not only startle passersby but also pose a significant risk to pedestrians and other drivers.

Further footage has surfaced showing the same group of motorcyclists riding together and performing similar stunts in various locations known for their public and pedestrian presence.

These areas include markets, school fronts, and major intersections, most notably on Srichan Road from the hospital junction to Ban Nong Bua in the Mueng Khon Kaen district.

Some motorcycles in the video are seen to be motocross bikes, which are not legal for use on public roads.

Additionally, the motorcycles used in these stunts are believed to be illegally modified, exacerbating the danger posed by their riders in addition to the illegal stunts performed.

The community’s anxiety is palpable as they witness these bikers regularly flouting the law with their perilous antics. The call to action is clear and residents are urging police officers to patrol the streets, enforce the law and prevent similar activities from happening before a tragedy occurs.

Khon Kaen police have been made aware of the situation through complaints and video evidence shared on social media. They are expected to take firm measures to curb this dangerous behaviour, ensuring the safety and peace of residents and visitors alike.

The community’s plea emphasises the need for a swift and decisive response to prevent any harm that could result from these motorcycle gangs’ disregard for public safety.

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Author: Ryan Turner