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A buffet restaurant in Khon Kaen made headlines after a customer was faced with a hefty fine of 9,100 baht for leaving an excessive amount of uneaten food. However, the situation was amicably resolved, resulting in satisfaction on both sides.

Oshinei Khon Kaen, a Japanese buffet restaurant in Khon Kaen, took to Facebook to recount an incident where a group of customers ordered more food than they could consume. The four diners had taken advantage of a come four, pay for three promotion, priced at 1,150 baht per person.

It was their first visit to the restaurant, and perhaps driven by hunger, they ordered a significant quantity of food through the restaurant’s automated system. Staff members confirmed the orders and reiterated the restaurant’s policy on food wastage, which includes a fine of 300 baht per 100 grammes for excessive leftovers, with the option to take the excess food home.

After about two hours of dining, the customers reached their limit, leaving behind approximately 2.7 kilogrammes of food. With the added value-added tax of 7% and a service charge of 5%, the total fine came to 9,100.35 baht. The customers were very understanding, willing to pay the entire amount and even complimented the quality of the food.

Recognising the unusual size of the fine, the restaurant’s manager consulted with the executives and decided to calculate the fine differently in this case. Instead of charging per 100 grammes, they opted to charge the customers for an additional three heads, as the leftover food weighed an average of 0.9 kilogramme per person, which is within the normal range people usually consume at buffets. The customers were relieved upon hearing this resolution, expressed their gratitude, and apologised for ordering more than they could eat, reported Sanook.

Ultimately, the initial bill of 13,381.42 baht was reduced to 7,954.92 baht. The restaurant asked the customers to share their experiences, which they happily agreed to do, leading to a positive outcome for everyone involved. The establishment’s philosophy that customer happiness is paramount, even over profit, was demonstrated.

“If you can’t eat it all, don’t force it. There’s a fine, but you can take the leftovers home.”

The restaurant’s post also included photos of the food and the lengthy bill, which one netizen humorously compared to a kite’s tail. Another commented on seeing the food being served and being astounded by the quantity.

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Author: Samantha Rose