Joint military forces conduct beachhead assault in Cobra Gold exercise
Naval artillery unleashes thunderous volleys as amphibious units seize control of the beachhead during Cobra Gold 2024, showcasing military prowess.”

SATTAHIP, Thailand – In a demonstration of military prowess and cooperation, the Cobra Gold 2024 amphibious training exercise unfolded at the Royal Thai Navy’s training ground, No. 15, Hat Yao Beach in Sattahip on March 1.

Led by Admiral Adung Phan-Eiam, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy, the exercise saw participation from key figures including Rear Admiral Christopher D. Stone, Commander of Expeditionary Strike Group Seven, Task Force 76, Amphibious Force of the U.S. Navy, and Rear Admiral Cho Choong-Ho, Commander of the 5th Flotilla, Republic of Korea Navy.

During the exercise, naval vessels and amphibious units aggressively secured control of the beachhead, directly confronting opposing forces. Naval personnel showcased their expertise by utilizing naval artillery to launch barrages, while coordinated air support, including fighter aircraft, reinforced the assault, significantly diminishing the opposing forces’ capacity to retaliate against the beachhead. The amphibious forces displayed their proficiency by penetrating the territorial waters of the opposing forces, guaranteeing the safeguarding of the beachhead’s security.

Ground forces breach opposing forces’ territorial waters in a daring amphibious assault at Cobra Gold 2024, supported by coordinated air cover.

Participating forces in this year’s exercise included contingents from the Thai military, U.S. forces, and South Korean forces. Assets involved ranged from the USS Somerset of the U.S. to F-16 fighter aircraft, and equipment from the Royal Thai Navy, such as the HTMS Surin and HTMS Mannai. South Korean assets included aircraft such as the T-337 or Cessna O-2, as well as the amphibious landing ship ROKS No Jeok Bong (LSTII-689) and KAW.

The primary objective of this joint amphibious exercise was to enhance military readiness, foster the development of military capabilities, and showcase the versatility of joint operations among allied forces. Beyond the tactical manoeuvres, the exercise sought to instil confidence in the readiness of the Thai military across all dimensions while nurturing positive relationships among allied nations and promoting military cooperation as a cornerstone of enduring national security.

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Author: Pattaya Mail