Japanese student in agony after falling asleep in bath for 5 hours
Japanese student in agony after falling asleep in bath for 5 hoursLegacy

A Japanese student shared a startling experience of falling asleep for five and a half hours while taking a bath, waking up to find his fingers in a disturbing state and severe pain. The 20 year old student, who posted about the incident on the former Twitter platform, now X, (@nattsunyan), described returning to his parent’s home and dozing off in a warm bath.

Upon waking, he discovered that not only had hours passed, but his thumbs were in such agony and wrinkled to the point of resembling a brain.

He vividly expressed his initial fear, thinking he was in danger due to the intense pain.

“I thought I was going to die. My hands hurt so much that I couldn’t turn on the faucet or open the bathroom door. I had to use the back of my hand to open the door.”

The student further explained that the pain was so severe that it affected his daily activities, making them take much longer than usual. Simple actions like using a towel or putting on clothes became torturous. After the bath, he also felt extremely thirsty, likely due to dehydration, but exhaustion led him to fall asleep shortly after reaching his bedroom.

Fortunately, the next morning brought relief as his thumb returned to normal, and the pain significantly subsided. Given the improvement, he decided not to visit a hospital.

His post, complete with pictures of his wrinkled fingers, quickly went viral, garnering over 100,000 views and more than 6,000 shares, along with numerous comments from concerned and curious netizens.

The incident highlights the unexpected dangers of falling asleep in a bath, emphasising the importance of being cautious even in seemingly safe environments, reported Sanook.

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