Interior minister condemns student activist’s act of defiance towards Thai royal convoyLegacy

Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiseth strongly condemned the actions of student activist Tantawan Tuatulanon and her friend for their behaviour towards a royal motorcade in Bangkok.

Chada expressed his disapproval, stating that the motorcade was not causing any traffic obstruction and that the pair could have chosen alternative lanes.

The deputy interior minister emphasised that honking at the royal convoy was a deliberate act of troublemaking and completely inappropriate. He sternly warned that such behaviour would not be tolerated if repeated, labelling it as a disturbing and ungrateful act towards the nation.

“Don’t think it’s cool, because it’s definitely not.”

The Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) filed a complaint against one of the pair for causing a public disturbance. Police Major General Somkhuan Phuengsap, Deputy Commissioner of the MPB, revealed that the incident occurred when the motorcade was travelling in Din Daeng district. He explained that the activist’s car attempted to overtake a police vehicle at the end of the motorcade, leading the police to deploy a security tactic.

The MPB instructed the police to gather evidence showing that the activist violated her bail conditions, potentially leading to its revocation. Tantawan, who has been arrested twice for allegedly violating the lese majeste law, has been released on bail. She gained attention last year for staging a 52-day hunger strike to demand the release of detained individuals linked to anti-government protests, reported Bangkok Post.

In May, Tantawan and eight others faced charges of trespassing, destroying public property, and obstructing officers at a police station.

In related news, Amnesty International Thailand urged the Pheu Thai-led administration to immediately free political activist Arnon Nampa, who stands accused of insulting the monarchy. Despite facing serious threats from Thai conservative groups, the pressure mounts for his release.

Amnesty, alongside numerous political activists, gathered near the government house, some donning wizard costumes akin to Arnon’s attire at previous protests. The NGO submitted a petition, now supported by 7,301 individuals, demanding the release of Arnon and other detained activists.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood