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The tranquil serenity of Jomtien Beach in Pattaya was disrupted last night by the clamour of illicit fireworks. In response to a spate of complaints from residents about noise pollution, Banglamung officials swiftly intervened, leading to the arrest of three vendors illegally selling the pyrotechnics.

The three individuals, whose identities have not been disclosed, were apprehended near The Now Hotel. They were caught red-handed, peddling fireworks to beachgoers, causing not only a disturbance but also potentially endangering safety.

Following their arrest, the offenders were transferred from the beach to a police station in the back of a pickup truck, where they are now facing charges related to their illicit activities.

A resident told a local reporter that despite the beauty of the fireworks, their illegal sale and use pose significant risks.

“Not only do they disturb the peace, but they also jeopardise the safety of beachgoers.”

Alongside this intervention, Banglamung officials carried out impromptu checks on teenagers lounging at the beach. These random checks were conducted to ensure no illegal substances were in possession. Thankfully, the officials found no such items during their search, reported Pattaya News.

The arrest of these vendors is part of a larger, concerted effort by the police to maintain peace and order on Jomtien Beach. Lately, there has been an escalation in patrols in response to a growing number of noise complaints from residents. This proactive approach is aimed at ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beach’s tranquillity without any disturbances, said a local official.

“There has been an increase in the number of patrols on Jomtien Beach. The aim is to ensure the peace and tranquillity of the beach is maintained for the enjoyment of all.”

In related news, Patong Beach in Phuket has seen a boost in police activity in recent days, aiming to put an end to the unlawful trade and use of fireworks. The initiative, which began on May 1, has already led to the arrest of three individuals, including a citizen of New Zealand.

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Author: Bob Scott