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A search party recently uncovered a human head and a watch, followed by scattered human remains in a Thai eucalyptus forest in Chon Buri Province, Thailand, leading to a shocking discovery.

The remains are believed to belong to a 36 year old man, Lamotu, who had been missing for ten days. The grim find was made around 11am today, by a group including nearly 50 of the man’s colleagues, who had previously searched the forest unsuccessfully.

The investigation, led by Ban Bueng Police Station Deputy Inspector Wirat Trakulthai, along with the investigative team and the charity rescue unit, was initiated after workers from Myanmar reported finding the human remains. The area, located in the Thai eucalyptus forest of Moo 1, Nong Phai Kaeo Subdistrict, had not been reached by the previous search efforts.

President of the Payak Burapha Club, Alongkorn Payak Burapha, revealed that upon learning of the disappearance, drones were deployed and a large group of volunteers, including relatives and friends, combed the forest in a systematic search.

The scattered body parts were discovered approximately 20 metres away from where the head was found. Alongkorn further speculated that alcohol intoxication might have led to disorientation and subsequent death due to the intense heat, lack of water, and food, followed by animal scavenging.

The rescue team intends to gather the remains and send them to the police hospital’s Institute of Forensic Medicine to confirm their identity. The case highlights the dangers of venturing into dense forests unprepared, especially under the influence of alcohol, and the importance of timely search and rescue efforts in such cases, reported Khaosod.

In related news, a Thai man was arrested for a part in a Japanese man’s murder in Nonthaburi, Police arrested a Thai man for his involvement in the murder and dismemberment of human body parts found in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok.

He claimed that the deceased was a Japanese man and two other Japanese nationals were the killers.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood