HTMS Sukhothai search mission closes with five still missing
HTMS Sukhothai search mission closes with five still missingLegacy

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN), in collaboration with their US counterparts, embarked on a salvage mission to untangle the mystery surrounding the sunken corvette, HTMS Sukhothai. Despite their efforts, five missing crew members are still yet to be found.

Admiral Chatchai Thongsaard, Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Fleet, disclosed the harrowing details of the operation.

“Our joint endeavour, initiated on February 22, has yielded 58 crucial pieces of evidence. To unveil the truth, divers successfully disarmed three formidable armaments, salvaging relics of a bygone era.”

Amidst the relics of war, poignant mementoes surfaced, each bearing silent testimony to the ship’s poignant history.

“Notably, no casualties marred our courageous endeavour.”

The tragic tale of HTMS Sukhothai began on a fateful December night in 2022 when tempestuous seas unleashed their wrath upon the unsuspecting vessel. Battling fierce winds and unforgiving waves, the warship succumbed to the abyss, claiming lives and leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions, reported The Nation.

“In the wake of devastation, 76 individuals survived while 24 met a watery grave. Yet, the fate of five remains veiled in uncertainty.”

In related news, the RTN plans for procuring a new frigate received an endorsement from the House of Representatives Committee on the Armed Forces. This move is expected to pave the way for more job opportunities for local labour.

The RTN’s frigate procurement strategy recently encountered a setback when its budget request of 17 billion baht for the 2024 fiscal year was turned down by a House subcommittee scrutinising the budget.

In other news, the Second Naval Area Command of the RTN received a report about a boat allegedly involved in illicit oil smuggling to fishing vessels near Songkhla on February 8. In response, the RTN launched an investigation which uncovered a vessel specifically adapted for clandestine oil transportation, carrying an astonishing 10,000 litres of illicit oil intended for local fishermen operating in Songkhla on February 7.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal