Hopea odorata tree draws crowds in Phayao for lottery luck
Hopea odorata tree draws crowds in Phayao for lottery luckLegacy

Locals flocked to an ancient Hopea odorata tree, believed to be over 100 years old and requiring a five-person embrace to encircle, to seek blessings and lucky numbers for the upcoming national lottery draw. Situated beside Thung Pa Kha School in the Mae Chai district of Phayao province, this revered tree recently became the centre of attention as the lottery date of February 16 draws near.

Villagers, adorned with colourful fabrics and floral garlands, make their offerings and light incense sticks in the hope of receiving protection and prosperity. It is believed that the smoke from the incense can reveal lucky numbers.

This time, the number 481 appeared clearly, prompting the eager crowd to jot it down and snap photos for good luck. The anticipation of winning has led to a lottery ticket frenzy, with vendors selling out of tickets featuring the auspicious number, reported KhaoSod.

The massive sandalwood tree, towering over 30 metres high at the edge of a schoolyard waterway, has been a silent witness to the fortunes of the local community for generations. An 85 year old villager recalls the tree from their school days, suggesting that it may indeed be several hundred years old.

The tree has a storied history of granting lottery luck to the locals, resulting in a tradition of preservation and veneration, including the construction of a small shrine at its base.

In related news, lottery fever grips Thailand as hopefuls seek to divine the winning numbers for the February 16 draw, with numerous tales of lucky symbols and mystical predictions capturing the public’s imagination. As the draw nears, enthusiasts have collated an eclectic mix of numbers believed to bring fortune, ranging from revered monks’ predictions to serendipitous incidents.

Prominent among these is the revered monk Suriyant Kosapanyo, the Abbot of Wat Phutthawanaram, known as Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen in Mahasarakham Province. He recently distributed 2 million baht (US$55,333) to charity, a gesture that has sparked widespread interest in the numbers associated with this act of generosity. Devotees have seized on the number 45, the monk’s auspicious age, as a potential harbinger of luck.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood