Homeless man suffocates under plastic sheet in Nontha Buri rain
Homeless man suffocates under plastic sheet in Nontha Buri rainLegacy

A homeless man collecting recyclables was found dead on a roadside near a luxury home after using a plastic sheet to shield himself from the rain, leading to suffocation. The incident occurred early today at around 4.30am when police and forensic doctors were called to the scene on Ngam Wong Wan Road in Bang Khen, Nontha Buri.

The deceased, identified as 42 year old Boonyuen, was discovered lying curled up with a clear plastic sheet covering his body. He was wearing a red T-shirt and blue trousers, with no shoes. A small cart, used by Boonyuen to collect recyclable items for sale, was found beside him.

Preliminary investigations suggest that he had been dead for at least five hours before being discovered. There were no signs of physical assault. It is believed that he suffocated after wearing a mask and then covering himself with a plastic sheet to avoid the rain.

Residents in the area mentioned that Boonyuen was often seen wandering the streets, pushing his cart to collect recyclables. He had been frequently reported to the police for sleeping in front of people’s homes, resulting in officers being called to relocate him, said a local officer.

“The deceased was a homeless man who often slept on the streets. Residents would call us regularly to chase him away when he slept in front of their homes. This led him to seek shelter elsewhere, which unfortunately ended in tragedy this time.”

Boonyuen had apparently decided to sleep opposite a large house in the alley, covering himself with a plastic sheet to stay dry. Sadly, the sheer force of the rain caused the sheet to adhere tightly to his body, severing his air supply without him realising it.

Makeshift shelters

This tragic incident highlights the plight of the homeless, who often have to find makeshift shelters under dire conditions. The lack of a secure place to sleep and the constant need to move from one location to another due to complaints from residents can lead to dangerous situations, as seen in this case.

The authorities have since urged the public to show more compassion towards the homeless and to seek assistance for them through appropriate channels rather than simply displacing them.

The body of Boonyuen was taken to the Institute of Forensic Science for further examination, and the police are continuing their investigation to confirm the exact cause of death, reported Khaosod.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood