Thaweesap Kullabut, safe and sound, after a miraculous rescue from his submerged vehicle that veered off Highway 7 into a 10-meter deep pit.

PATTAYA, Thailand – What began as a routine journey turned into a harrowing ordeal for Thaweesap Kullabut, 51, when his white Suzuki Triton pickup truck veered off the road and plunged into an old water pit beside motorway route 7, inbound towards Bangkok.

Thaweesap, who was traveling from Laem Chabang Port to Lat Krabang on February 20, told rescuers that he momentarily dozed off, leading to his vehicle swerving off course and plunged into the water pit, which measured over 10 meters in depth.

Pipat, a 17-year-old witness, recounted being seated by the roadside engrossed in his phone when he witnessed the pickup truck colliding with his parked motorcycle before plunging into the deep water pit beside the highway. Fortunately, Pipat narrowly escaped harm and thanked his lucky stars for having survived certain harm if not worse.

Somkuan Thasorn, a 45-year-old lathe operator working nearby, emerged as a hero in the rescue operation. Witnessing the accident, Somkuan promptly rushed to the scene and bravely plunged into the water armed with a piece of iron. With Thaweesap clinging desperately to the side of the submerged pickup, Somkuan shattered the window using the iron tool, enabling Thaweesap to escape.

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Author: Pattaya Mail